Sell digital products and get paid in Bitcoin or Paypal

Payontheblock allows independent digital content creators and freelancers to instantly start accepting Bitcoin payments on social media for direct sales of music, video, courses, books and even freelance work with automated download delivery.

0% transaction fees · Accept bitcoin · Paypal fallback

How it works

How to accept bitcoin for sales of digital products on your site and social media.

① Sign up for a Payontheblock account.

② Create a list of digital products (ebooks, music, videos, courses, software) that you plan to sell. Payontheblock will automatically generate a checkout page for each product.

③ Enter a list of bitcoin addresses where you want to receive bitcoin payments. Optionally you can enter your Paypal merchant id.

④ Start posting the links on your social media accounts or sending in your email marketing campaigns so your followers and potential buyers can click on the link.

⑤ Buyers will then land on a POS checkout where they can purchase your digital product and pay using Bitcoin or Paypal without any registration required.

⑥ After the payment is confirmed, the buyer will receive the download link via email.

Use cases

Any downloadable product you can imagine. Automated delivery via email.


Sell your music, video, photos and get paid in Bitcoin or Paypal.


Sell your ebook directly to your customers and get paid in Bitcoin or Paypal.

Online courses

Sell your online courses directly to your students and get paid in Bitcoin or Paypal.

Freelance work

Charge your clients for freelance work and automate invoice delivery.


  • You don't need a website to start selling, just post your Payontheblock links on social media, email and more
  • Zero friction, your followers can buy without signing up anywhere
  • Automated delivery of the digital product(download link) via email after payment confirmation on the blockchain
  • The Bitcoin payment goes directly to your Bitcoin wallet, no middle man transaction fees




  • 0% transaction fees
  • 100 products
  • Unlimited Sales/Month
  • Cancel anytime
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  • 0% transaction fees
  • 100 products
  • Unlimited Sales/Month
  • Cancel anytime
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